39, rue Carnot

86000 Poitiers - France

+33 5 49 88 12 00

Before anything, we like to take care of ourselves and share what we love. Before in our working life, we were winegrowers and had a guesthouse. We make our own jam for the guests in our rooms. The walls already welcome paintings from an artist dear to us. We had been lucky enough to listen to living music. All the artistic emotions and culinary pleasures, we try to share with you when you come to the Hôtel de l’Europe. What you find on the breakfast table, what you drink at the hotel bar, are almost all produced, harvested, brought up, cooked in the region. Apart from the coffee, tea and the chocolate, but who knows with climate change, the Poitou countryside may one day be a great place to harvest the morning drinks.

Music in the garden