39, rue Carnot

86000 Poitiers - France

+33 5 49 88 12 00

Groups and events

What can we do for you ?

Our location in the city center, the size of the garden, our reception capacity, our equipment, workspaces and meeting room, our bar or our lounges should appeal to event professionals keen to offer their customers a beautiful place where everything is possible.

Bringing together and motivating a sales force, organizing a symposium, presenting a collection or launching a new product, welcoming the association of women travelers on cargo bikes, all of this is possible. And even for a wedding: the town hall of Poitiers is only two hundred meters away! For you, for your event, we can reserve an entire floor, or even a building. Our priority is that everyone feels good, that you leave satisfied.

” What can we do for you ?” is really our trademark:
nine times out of ten we can!

For specific requests, such as the 6:15 departure of your forty employees, contact us using the form below or by phone. As far as possible, we will answer you that exceptionally it will be possible to have breakfast from 5:30 “… This is our palace side.

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